2013 curvy summer mash up!

Here is our curvy summer mid-year mash up. We’ve missed sharing all our curvy adventures with you, so we thought a mid-year mash up would be fun!  We feel so blessed and honored to have worked for and with so many amazing people and at so many great places! 2013 curvy summer mash up…

jazz trio, corporate event, las vegas singer, Dangerous  Curves

Corporate Top 40 gig at the Aria, Dangerous Curves

  From Top 40 at the Aria for a major corporation to the NAB convention demonstrating stage cameras while performing live!

jazz trio, jazz singer las vegas, corporate gig Dangerous Curves, NAB, convention

NAB convention!

We love singing on the Dennis Bono Show at the South Point Hotel and Casino!
What a line up!

Dennis Bono Show with Reva Rice

Dennis Bono Show with Reva Rice

Dennis Bono & guests! We are so lucky!

Dennis Bono & guests! We are so lucky!

Even the Nelson Brothers!

Even the Nelson Brothers!

Singing the National Anthem for our friend Jaden and her event the National Bladder Cancer 5k walk….and yes! we did the walk! Even Karen’s Little Man got in on the action!

Singing the National Anthem for the Bladder Cancer 5K

Singing the National Anthem for the Bladder Cancer 5K

We just can’t believe how 5 years have passed so quickly!  We celebrated with some delicious wine and the Tony Awards! Music, friendship and wine, what could be better!

jazz singer, jazz trio, las vegas, dangerous curves

5 years together!

The Smith Center for Performing Arts is absolutely gorgeous! Our fave place, the Cabaret Jazz room, of course! On this night, we sang with some of our city’s greatest entertainers, with Billy Stritch on the piano and Jim Caruso as the host!

jazz singer, jazz trio, smith center, las vegas, jim caruso cast party

Singin’ at the Smith Center for Cast Party!

We have a fabulous new show! Our Americana show features the songs from the Great American Songbook and as it was a Fourth of July celebration, we also included a patriotic section.


All decked out in red, white and blue!

jazz trio, jazz singer, americana show, las vegas

workin’ the red, white and blue!

So that’s our year, thus far! More to come for sure!
See you soon and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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jazz singer, jazz trio, las vegas, dangerous curves

backstage fun!

Hot and Sunny in Vegas!

Mother Nature has clearly decided that this year, Spring is more a verb than a season! That’s ok, because the Curves are keepin’ their cool and sharing their music from one side of town all the way to Mesquite, Nevada!

Dangerous Curves with Tony Sacca and Musical Director, Dan Ellis

On Mother’s Day, you could find us out at the annual San Gennaro Feast at the Rio! The fabulous band was lead by our very own Musical Director Dan Ellis and the audience was absolutely amazing! We sang a few of Dangerous Curves most requested songs, Carole King’s  “Natural Woman”,  jazz classic “Cloudburst” and crowd favorite “I’m A Woman”.

This past weekend, we were the featured entertainment for a really fun corporate event!  The audiences were so much fun!  They absolutely loved our “Sentimental Journey, Radio Medley” and our “Judy Garland Medley”! And, you know what?  We love singing them, too! If you have never checked out our neighboring city of Mesquite, well then you should! We stayed at the Eureka Hotel and it was just great!  Very personable staff, clean, well appointed rooms, a pool and nice casino.  Karen even managed to win $45 on a penny slot machine! It’s just Curvy good luck!

Post Show Silliness in Mesquite!

We do have a MAJOR announcement coming…..maybe we could tell you just a little bit of it…..but then that would spoil the surprise, so……..guess you’ll just have to wait!  Check back soon! Like in 2 weeks!!!!

Head on over to our Facebook Page and be sure to “LIKE” us to hear about our upcoming shows and new music! And, as always, we are so grateful to have you in our curvy family and have the most curvalicious day possible!

Married in Las Vegas, Christmas carols in July, an LA debut and a new MD!

Just reading the title makes our Curvy selves shiver with delight!  Yes, its been a while since the Curves have posted in the blogosphere.  It’s not been for want or desire!  There’s lots going on in Curvy Land and it’s about time to catch up and share!

The most obvious piece of exciting news is our move to WordPress.com!  We loved our Blogger blog, but we just felt the need to get a fresh perspective on blogging about our Curvy adventures. Share us with your friends…we’d be ever so grateful!

Last month was filled with some wonderful opportunities for us but the highlight  of the month was the gig we had for Vodafone, UK.  The guests thought they were attending a real Las Vegas wedding.  Boy, were they in for a surprise! From wacky bridesmaids/nuns (that was us!) to barbershop style groomsmen (Fifth Ave), a handsome and wild Minister (Ron Smith), the crazy parents (Rob Hyatt and Terry Gandy) of the bride (Jennifer Vossmer) and of course the groom-turned-Elvis (Brian Mills) they were all in for quite a ride! We spent the whole evening entertaining these fine folks with awesome songs like “Say A Little Prayer” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to our zany and splashy Nuns number, “I Will Follow Him”. There were silly antics like hoola hoops and a real pink Cadillac that drives right into the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!  It was truly one of the most fun corporate gigs we have ever had and wonderful to be able to use our acting chops as well as sing.  As you can see, when the Curves get together, there is nothing but fun!

So, where do snowflakes and Christmas carols come in to play, here?  Dangerous Curves is hard at work on their sophomore effort in recording and this time it will be a Christmas EP. We are working on and singing through arrangements from all over the globe! As soon as we make our final song choices, we’ll let you know…meanwhile, it sure does help keep us cool in the hot summer sun of Vegas to sing through these super cool stylings of the season.

OK! ARE YOU READY?!  Dangerous Curves is THRILLED to announce their Los Angeles cabaret debut on December 4th, 2011 at Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitellos!  Cited as “LA’s cabaret destination” by the Los Angeles Times, Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitellos is the #1 Cabaret Supper Club in the greater Los Angeles area!  Stop it!!! How super curvy-licious is that?!  We are beyond excited for this enormous opportunity and we are already hard at work, writing this show.

We knew we had to bring in some big guns so along with that announcement, the Curves are over-the-moon to announce that  Dan Ellis has been officially chosen as our Musical Director.  Here’s a bit about Dan, straight from his Reverbnation page.

“Dan Ellis is not only the bandleader of the Las Vegas Classic Jazz Band, he’s the music director for the newest production to hit the Las Vegas Strip: Nunsense, at the Las Vegas Hilton. He is also the music director for “DRINKIN’ – SINGIN’ – SWINGIN’ – Salute to Frank Sinatra – Sammy Davis Jr. – Dean Martin.” which recently performed to a sold-out crowd of 5,000 at the Colloseum at Caesars Windsor, Ontario. A Cheesehead by birth (from Green Bay, WI) he met his wife, Vicki, while working the high seas as a Musician Supervisor for Carnival Cruise Lines. He now makes Henderson, NV his home and his proudest achievement is being Dad to sons Christopher (7) and Matthew (3).”

Alright Curvy friends, that is quite an exciting  line up of announcements for a Saturday afternoon in July! Feel free to drop us a line anytime and find us in all these fun places! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, find us at dangerouscurveslasvegas.com! 

>June Blooms With Curves and Hot Summer Nights


The Curves had a fantastic time as the Guest Artists for the Hot Summerlin Nights Guest Artist Series in Summerlin. The host of this event was Grace In the Desert and a great time was had by all, especially us!
The venue was lovely, with big open windows that allowed the sun to shine through and really bring a heavenly feel to the room. Talk about earthly inspiration!
This was a unique show for us as we had no band and only our tracks. In these economic times, we are learning to be extremely resourceful. While our preference, goal and desire is to have live music at all times, the fact of the matter is that in order to bring our music to as many people as possible, we have to remain open minded. It certainly does make us stay on our toes! Stay tuned for the release date (FINALLY) of our CD! And, do your best to stay cool and curvy in these hot summer months.

April Comes and Goes! What??!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost May!  This month flew by and really it’s no wonder. The Curves were beyond busy this month and a fabulous month we had!  I was trying to wait for the video to be finished ( editing, that is) and my husband is working like crazy on it-but it just takes time.  So, instead of waiting to write about our show, I will simply carry on and then post more at a later date.

We wrote and produced what is, without a doubt, our best show to date. We added new songs, had dresses made and made our first (real) lighting chart.  It was very exciting and a real success. Some of our new material included Jason Robert Brown‘s “Hear My Song”, Scott Alan’s “Let Love Begin” and even a comedy song, “Girl in 14G”!  Who knew the Curves can sing-dance and be funny!  I am so thrilled with our hard work and it is really paying off.  We are feeling some real momentum with our soon-to-be commercially released CD (just finishing up the licensing), new costumes and video.  
In addition, this weekend, we had the privilege of singing for some our country’s heros at the Veteran’s Home in Boulder City.  What a sweet and loving crowd!  These are the men and women who fought for our freedom and as they sang along with us to God Bless America, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It really makes you feel blessed to live in the United States and proud to be an American.  Pictured with us is the lovely Angela, who booked us for this job!  Thanks, Angela for the great food and treats!
Have a very curvalicious week and enjoy this beautiful weather-it seems to be from coast to coast gorgeous!
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>Red hot girls at the Orleans!


Here we are at the Orleans just before we go on for the Newcomer’s Holiday Luncheon!  Before I continue about Dangerous Curves, may I just tell you that the Orleans was a fantastic experience!  The casino was sparkling clean and ALL of the staff, from the Valet to the Bell Desk to the Banquet servers and supervisor were all happy, helpful and fantastic!  Congratulations to the staff of the Orleans!
We did a brand new version of our show and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite versions! No new songs yet,  but I really liked the arrangement of songs-once we have our new opener up and running (no, I am not telling yet!) this show will really fly!  The audience was super and we are so grateful for the way we are continuously received.  These ladies were loads of fun and a fantastic time was had by all.
The other completely exhilarating thing going on with Dangerous Curves is the release of our CD “girl talk“!  We received a few the morning of our gig (thanks to Gret’s husband, Michael!) and we were able to sell them after the show!    Its just one fabulous thing after another with the girls Dangerous Curves!