End of the Year, 2013!

We can hardly  believe it is already the end of  year, 2013! Did you have a wonderful holiday season? Ours was filled with song and joy for sure. We even received a fantastic review of our Christmas CD, “Star of Wonder”  from Don Grigware of Broadway World “Star of Wonder rings in the holidays with joy and mirth…no, harmonious ecstasy! – don grigware” (ok, totally wow!!!) and we are on his “Best of 2013” CD list! Check it out here!

We had Christmas performances for the Veterans and at Sam’s Town to absolutely wonderful audiences. In fact our year was filled with great shows with songs ranging in genre from Top 40 at The Aria for a corporate event to an Americana style Fourth of July Spectacular and a really unique conference NAB demonstrating new technology! We sang across our fair city from the South Point to the San Gennarro Feast to the Sun Coast receiving praise and warmth from our loving locals. We are so very grateful for the support and love of our family and friends!

jazz singer, dangerous curves, las vegas, casino show

backstage with Ron at Sam’s Town Christmas show!

jazz trio, corporate event, las vegas singer, Dangerous Curves, top 40

Top 40 convention gig at The Aria!

americana show, fourth of july, las vegas, jazz trio, jazz singer, dangerous curves

Americana Show!

NAB, corporate event, jazz trio, top 40, las vegas

with Rush of Rushworks at NAB

There are so many plans and schemes and dreams for Dangerous Curves. So, we have come upon a theme for this year of 2014 and it is…

The three of us together are more powerful than we realize!

Join us on our journey and let us know how you will empower yourself this year!

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2013 curvy summer mash up!

Here is our curvy summer mid-year mash up. We’ve missed sharing all our curvy adventures with you, so we thought a mid-year mash up would be fun!  We feel so blessed and honored to have worked for and with so many amazing people and at so many great places! 2013 curvy summer mash up…

jazz trio, corporate event, las vegas singer, Dangerous  Curves

Corporate Top 40 gig at the Aria, Dangerous Curves

  From Top 40 at the Aria for a major corporation to the NAB convention demonstrating stage cameras while performing live!

jazz trio, jazz singer las vegas, corporate gig Dangerous Curves, NAB, convention

NAB convention!

We love singing on the Dennis Bono Show at the South Point Hotel and Casino!
What a line up!

Dennis Bono Show with Reva Rice

Dennis Bono Show with Reva Rice

Dennis Bono & guests! We are so lucky!

Dennis Bono & guests! We are so lucky!

Even the Nelson Brothers!

Even the Nelson Brothers!

Singing the National Anthem for our friend Jaden and her event the National Bladder Cancer 5k walk….and yes! we did the walk! Even Karen’s Little Man got in on the action!

Singing the National Anthem for the Bladder Cancer 5K

Singing the National Anthem for the Bladder Cancer 5K

We just can’t believe how 5 years have passed so quickly!  We celebrated with some delicious wine and the Tony Awards! Music, friendship and wine, what could be better!

jazz singer, jazz trio, las vegas, dangerous curves

5 years together!

The Smith Center for Performing Arts is absolutely gorgeous! Our fave place, the Cabaret Jazz room, of course! On this night, we sang with some of our city’s greatest entertainers, with Billy Stritch on the piano and Jim Caruso as the host!

jazz singer, jazz trio, smith center, las vegas, jim caruso cast party

Singin’ at the Smith Center for Cast Party!

We have a fabulous new show! Our Americana show features the songs from the Great American Songbook and as it was a Fourth of July celebration, we also included a patriotic section.


All decked out in red, white and blue!

jazz trio, jazz singer, americana show, las vegas

workin’ the red, white and blue!

So that’s our year, thus far! More to come for sure!
See you soon and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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jazz singer, jazz trio, las vegas, dangerous curves

backstage fun!

2010 is off to a great start!

The Curves were thrilled to be called again by Tom and John of the Performing Arts Society of Nevada to perform in the beautiful Flamingo Library Theatre. The theme of the show was New York, New York. The original artist scheduled to perform had to cancel at the last minute so several audience favorites were called and the Curves were thrilled to learn they are amongst great company! We shared the stage with the lovely Laurie Caceres of Jubilee, Vegas favorites Lou Garcia and Gary Oakes, Tony Arias and Lloyd Ziel, Lee Hughes, and the fabulous Wes Winters! We performed one of our newest numbers, “Lullaby of Broadway” ala the Andrews Sisters and a comedy number “The Girl in 14G”. Comedy numbers are always daunting, but this time we really felt the timing begin to settle in. Exciting!

We’ve begun to dig into our latest musical addition-pop music! We are truly thinking outside the Curvy box with artists like; Duffy, Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Jo Dee Messina, Shania Twain and more!!! Perhaps, I will post a quick tweet of one of our rehearsals soon and you can let us know what you think! Remember to think of us for any fantastic events, weddings and fun parties you are throwing! We work with some of the best musicians in town and we work hard to make sure you are getting the fabulous entertainment you need for your event.

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>The Curves hang with some Dolls!

My cute hubby with me and Lisa. Swing City Dolls, Connie, Robin and Natalie
Two of us Curves went to check out the
Swing City Dolls at the Cannery East, Las Vegas and there was nothing but cutie-pie-licious all around! These girls are adorable with their genre inspired hair and outfits and harmonies. You look at them and you think Andrews Sisters of today, you listen to them and you hear everything from Queen to KT Tunstall back to the Andrews Sisters. Very clever, very fun and we are proud to call them our friends. 🙂

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We are thrilled to announce the commercial release of our debut CD “Girl Talk” which will be live on iTunes USA and Canada, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody by September 9th. Official release date TBA. Have a super curvy week, friends!