Curves and Girls…and curvy girls!

While it may seem like the Curves have taken a detour in their curvy adventures, nothing could be further from the truth! Between our own personal work and the group work, I think we could all use a vacay! And, thank you, Universe for that! We’ll be visiting this space much more in the coming days and we are so grateful that you stopped by!

Our next appearance is this Thursday on The Dennis Bono Show at the South Point. All you need is your players card to get in and it’s free! We love Dennis, we are big fans of his and always so happy to be asked back to perform on that beautiful stage.

Speaking of free…our next show is completely free AND they will have wine and refreshments available! Come on out and enjoy our full show “Women In Music” at the Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza, September 19th at 7pm. We’ll be doing some of the yummy songs of yesteryear like “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and “Orange Colored Sky” and “Cloudburst” and some new freshly mixed favorites like “All About That Bass”, “The Climb”, “Natural Woman” and a whole bunch more, done only like The Curves can do it with lush harmonies and 3 sparkling sing-it-out sisters! We put on shows the whole family can enjoy. Please say hello after the show. We’ll be selling our CDs and some of our Curvy Concessions, too. See you there!

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How many days until Christmas?!?!

The other day at rehearsal we realized there was a VERY slight chill in the air. Heck, we here in Vegas think that at 70 degrees you gotta have a jacket on! Yup, Fall is upon us and that means the season of holidays are here! Yay!

Starting with Nevada Day on October 25th , of course. Then, there’s Halloween on October 31st. Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 3rd and a biggie on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day, which ushers in the official Holiday season…a season filled with parties and family and friends and beautiful music!

We’ve got a question for you….do you know how many days until Christmas? Do YOU know how many days until your company Holiday party? Here is a fun little countdown you can use to keep track of time…Christmas Countdown 2013. We must warn you, however, that as soon as you see how many days are left,

you just might go into panic mode!

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how many more days??!!?!

Hey! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Maybe,  you just need some Holiday music to play at home or in the car. Perfect!

Click on our lovely CD cover! christmas music, holiday music, star of wonder, las vegas, jazz singer, jazz trio

Maybe what you need is entertainment for your Holiday party that is part Holiday music, part jazz and part adult contemporary…Awesome!  We gotchoo and we are happy to customize our music for your eventjazz trio, corporate event, las vegas singer, Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves, jazz trio, cruise ship shows, corporate entertainment                              …Dangerous Curves presents…

Perhaps, you need a Holiday Show? Fabulous! Here ya go!

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As always, we are honored to sing for you and share our love of music with you!

See you soon!

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LATEST UPDATE: 9/12/12 Dangerous Curves’ Christmas CD!

Hello Friends!

Music is such an important part of our lives. Hearing a certain song can immediately take you back to an important memory in your life and it keeps that moment alive!

  • What songs do you have in your playlist?
  • What songs do you play to make you feel better or to relive a happy memory?
  • What songs do you play when you are working out to keep you inspired?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to record that music? It takes creativity, hard work and….money.

Our debut CD, Girl Talk, released in 2009, was completely self-funded. It was exciting and wonderful and worth every moment of work and effort…and every penny we put in. This time, however, we’d love to put our efforts and time towards the creativity and the music! And, that’s where you come in! YOU can become an integral part of our current recording project…our much awaited Christmas CD!

Simply go to and join our curvy community! From our adorable, EXCLUSIVE merchandise and/or show tickets, to a VIP performance at our CD Release Party or personal Skype message, to Associate or Executive Producer credit on the CD, we have perks available for every budget (some starting as low as $5)!

We’ve had so many of you already join us (see the list below!), but we need to keep going strong. We are only ½ way to our goal, and there are only a few weeks left (campaign ends Oct 5th)! If you’ve already become a Curvy Contributor, a million thanks to you! If you haven’t yet, won’t you join us and become a permanent part of our Curvy Community?!?!? 🙂


  • Daniel Smotherman
  • Heather & Damon Mircheff
  • Charlie & Paula Glendinning
  • Bill Fayne
  • Chuck Rounds
  • Ryan Carrigan
  • Edmund Vosik
  • Angie Prouse-Maida
  • Shawn Thomas
  • Sharon Culbertson
  • Doug Kammerath
  • Sarah Nammuni Dewage
  • Teri Weber
  • Catherine Cooke
  • Don Goodman

OUR PREVIOUS CONTRIBUTORS…thank you AGAIN!: (Jaden Osborne, Tracy Weber Tierney & Family, Paul Holmquist, Wayne Morton, Dorcas Prior, Allison Nemirow, Karin Marinaro, Dennis Michaels, Grace Glendinning, Lena Prima, Nancy Kura, Ann Schroeder, Angela Chan, Will Edwards, Don & Dana Menzies, Rhonda Guilford, Dax Pagan, James C Tabor Jr & Family, Wayne & Janet Rogers, Bre’Ann O’Neil, Daniel Solis, Deana Cunnion, Ted of “Lynn’s World Las Vegas”, Stacy Baker, and 1 anonymous contributor.)

If you, or any of your FRIENDS, have not had a chance to contribute to our project yet, it’s not too late.

What are you waiting for? Please help us spread the word, and let’s see who our NEXT “Curvy Contributor” will be?!?!?!?

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Happy Thanksgiving and Hello LA from the girls of Dangerous Curves!

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?! We’ll tell you a big, curvy secret…WE CAN’T EITHER!  We’ve been writing shows, writing new arrangements, recording in the studio for our new Christmas EP and preparing for our cabaret debut at Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitello’s! To tell you the truth, it really is time for some delicious turkey, stuffing and a lovely glass of Chardonnay! Gluten free for Lisa, please! Check out her Gluten Free info here! 

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of performing at one of our local and beautiful theatres, Freedom Hall. What a lovely audience on a fab Vegas Sunday afternoon! We performed many Dangerous Curves favorites like our Radio Medley, with songs such as Sentimental Journey, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and features of actual radio moments of the past, Natural Woman, I’m A Woman and many more!

We even had a real merchandise table with our new items! A darling T shirt, a handy shopping bag, a useful keychain and of course our CD, Girl Talk!

We were quite overwhelmed with everyone’s interest and generosity with our merch and very grateful!  If you are interested in any of our items check out our Curvy Boutique.

Now, our focus is on December 4th and our cabaret debut at Sterling’s Upstairs at Vitello’s! Our show is called, Dangerous Curves…finding Harmony on the road less traveled… it is a blend of some of our faves and new arrangements too!  From Judy Garland to Stephen Sondheim to contemporary composers like Scott Alan, we are taking you on a musical journey to share the Dangerous Curves message.  What is that message?  YOU are wonderful and powerful, exactly as you are!  Work hard to make the most of yourself and you are sure to achieve love and success! It is our goal for ourselves and we want to share it with you! Plus, as you can see we just have so much fun with each other and our fabulous Musical Director, Dan Ellis, what better way to spend a Sunday evening than with Dangerous Curves?! Make reservations right away!

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The Big Apple in Sin City!

Sin City put on her fancy pants, Wednesday and Thursday (August 24th and 25th) and welcomed Jim Caruso’s Cast Party straight from NYC and Birdland and locally produced by Dennis Ritz.  Cast Party is headlined by the sensational duo of Jim Caruso and Billy Stritch!  These two men exude charisma, charm and talent and it was an absolute pleasure to watch them work.

But, we are getting ahead of our Curvy selves! In case you are one of the 3 people who don’t know, let us tell you what Cast Party is all about! The Dynamic Duo comes to your town and and showcases some of the fabulous talent that resides there! Jim is the host and graciously leads each person through their “moment to shine”, while Billy’s monumental skills as an accompanist lift each singer to their best performance.  You can find their schedule here and even request a visit to your city!  Nothing but curvalicious fun!

Alexis Park All Suite Resort was the host hotel and they did a great job with room set up, delicious food offerings and yummy drinks served by great girls and guys, like our cocktail waitress, Brandi.

Now speaking of curvalicious fun, your very own Dangerous Curves were honored to perform not one, but two songs! We did our own curvified (thanks Gret for that great word!) versions of “Cloudburst” and “I’m A Woman” and had an absolute blast!  The room was positively filled to the brim with talent, like Kelly Clinton-Holmes, Clint Holmes, Bill Fayne, Dennis Michaels (yes, Karen’s husband did an awesome job on a comedy piece by Marcy and Zina!), Frankie Moreno and SO many more!  Read a full rundown of both nights and the great work done by all, by Las Vegas’ own and friend of the Curves, Claire Voyant.  If you missed it this time you are in luck! Jim Caruso’s Cast Party will be returning in September! Stay tuned!

We are about to go into the studio to begin recording on our newest CD, which will be released around December.  Yes, it was 106 degress today in fabulous Sin City, but we are thinking snowflakes, hallelujahs and midnight clears!  Uh-oh!  We don’t want to give away too much, but we are SO excited about this CD!

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Second to the last post of the year!!! LOL!

The Curves ended their busiest week ever, in true Curvy style. We are a blessed trio of chicks and we try our best to give back to this community we love so much. Our final Christmas performance was at the fabulous Studio 8 Ten. Studio 8 Ten is a non-profit arts and crafts studio providing paid training and employment for adults with disabilities in Transition Services supported employment programs. Resident artists train in the design, production, and sales of over 50 different handmade products, all unique to our company, and learn the specifics of running their own business. Studio 8 Ten fosters pride, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem by providing positive interaction with the community and opportunities to show off their personal talents. All proceeds from sales in the gift shop go directly back into the program to purchase supplies, upkeep facilities, and pay the individuals for their efforts

It was our pleasure and privilege to support our great friend Angela Esler-Whelan, who runs the studio and who also happens to be VERY pregnant and on bed rest, but got permission to come out to the open house! It was a great success and a fabulous way to end the Curves 2009 Christmas season!

We hope you are enjoying the Holidays, whichever way you celebrate them! And, look to the 2010 Holiday CD from Dangerous Curves! We wish YOU the curviest season ever!

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What a weekend!

This was quite a Sunday for the Curves! First of all, up at the crack of dawn to sing not one, not two, but 3 services for New Song church. It was our first performance of “Star of Wonder” and really what better place to debut such a song but church! And, not just any church, but one that has supported our endeavors totally! And, it went really well. I mean seriously, singing at 8am? Yikes!!! Now, I said this was quite a Sunday and it was…..between services, we rehearsed our second-half-of-the day gig with Dennis and our other debuts of the season, which was the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and a big band arrangement of “Jingle Bells”.
After the 3rd service, we packed it up and headed down to Flamingo Library Theatre for sound check and the annual Christmas show. This show is really fun, because its a conglomeration of many the performers from the past year. And, we all get to see each other and hear each other perform! A fab time was had by all, especially the audience. And, the big 16 page Jingle Bells we’ve been working on for a month? Well, it went smashingly! Three more Christmas shows to go! Wheeeeeee! Hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are! Be sure to check us out at or Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Christmas, Projects and Charity Work

The Curves are rehearsing some gorgeous Christmas music for all our upcoming appearances! We are thrilled to be performing at our favorite Flamingo Library Theatre for their annual Christmas show, which features the performers who have performed this past year. We are thrilled to see who we’ll be singing with! We are doing a fabulous arrangement originally done by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters that our own Lisa is working out for us. My fabulous husband will be singing the Bing part! It’s gonna be so much fun! In addition, we are singing a big band arrangement of Jingle Bells that is not only musically challenging, but a truly exciting piece to sing! We’ll also be performing at Nellis Air Force Base, a special guest appearance at the Sun Coast Casino and downtown Las Vegas for a fantastic charity that supports the less fortunate, Studio 8 Ten!

In addition, we sang the National Anthem and did the 5K (yes, acutally did it!) for the Alliance for Lupus Research, our current charity. We raised over $300!
Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter! You can also follow each curve-Lisa, Gret and Karen. Our fabulous CD is available at itunes! What a perfect gift for the holidays! Curvy blessings to all!

Fun with FRIENDS!

Gosh, it has been a while since I have written. Forgive me Curvy darlings and I promise to make it a fall filled with lots of exciting news! It was a long hot summer of rehearsals and shows and lots of work on our EPK and some well needed personal time!
First of all, we performed in the Den and Stu Show which was spectacular! Tons of great comedy and these boys do nothing but sing, sing, sing! Now, it is true that Den is my husband and Stu is our best friend, but still! There’s no bias-just truth and fact abound here!!! They plan on putting the show up again so stay tuned for more info on this great show.
Much of our rehearsals were taken up with work on our EPK, i.e., Electronic Press Kit. Lisa is our resident Photoshop goddess and thank god for her, because this thing looks awesome! Gret and I would put in our opines and 2 cents and Lisa would create it! It will be up on our webpage soon so take the time to download it and look it over!
And, hey! Please don’t forget to become a fan on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and if you wanna keep a smile on your face, download our debut CD “Girl Talk” on iTunes!


April Comes and Goes! What??!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost May!  This month flew by and really it’s no wonder. The Curves were beyond busy this month and a fabulous month we had!  I was trying to wait for the video to be finished ( editing, that is) and my husband is working like crazy on it-but it just takes time.  So, instead of waiting to write about our show, I will simply carry on and then post more at a later date.

We wrote and produced what is, without a doubt, our best show to date. We added new songs, had dresses made and made our first (real) lighting chart.  It was very exciting and a real success. Some of our new material included Jason Robert Brown‘s “Hear My Song”, Scott Alan’s “Let Love Begin” and even a comedy song, “Girl in 14G”!  Who knew the Curves can sing-dance and be funny!  I am so thrilled with our hard work and it is really paying off.  We are feeling some real momentum with our soon-to-be commercially released CD (just finishing up the licensing), new costumes and video.  
In addition, this weekend, we had the privilege of singing for some our country’s heros at the Veteran’s Home in Boulder City.  What a sweet and loving crowd!  These are the men and women who fought for our freedom and as they sang along with us to God Bless America, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It really makes you feel blessed to live in the United States and proud to be an American.  Pictured with us is the lovely Angela, who booked us for this job!  Thanks, Angela for the great food and treats!
Have a very curvalicious week and enjoy this beautiful weather-it seems to be from coast to coast gorgeous!
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