End of Year Round Up 2017

How is it possible that two years have gone by without an update? When we’ve been busy and crazy and excited and doing so many wonderful things??

Ah, time is but a fleeting thing, curvy friends! And we’ll just have to put this in the “better late than never” category! This is just a tiny, curvy sprinkling of what we’ve been up to! From Las Vegas, to California, to the great state of Texas, we’ve been sharing our beautiful harmonies with friends, old and new. We’ve shared the stage with talented friends and love our great home city of Las Vegas. From the National Anthem to the Dennis Bono Show, to corporate events to private parties (they flew us to Texas for the weekend!) what a fabulous time we’ve had together sharing our music, sharing our message of empowerment and love and growing as musicians and more importantly, a deepening friendship that only time and music can build. The smiles and hugs you see below are the real deal. Not sayin’ there ain’t been some tears and words! We are full of passion and emotion! But that’s the best part! Sometimes rehearsal is just that…rehearsal. And, sometimes, it’s therapy.  ❤

To finish off this year, we are THRILLED to say that we have been chosen not once but twice on the Women of Substance Podcast! Our first appearance is the first Holiday Podcast of the year. Podcast #702, date available, Friday November 24th.  Please listen and comment! We’d love that!! We’ll update the blog when the second podcast goes live.

What’s in store for 2018? Let’s just say, that it’s gonna be “jazzy”… dare we say “edgy”…and we’ve got a friend…not just any friend, but a talented, handsome believer-in-the-Curves type of friend! It’s not quite time for the announcement yet. Details are still being worked out! Check back soon, we’ll be updating you all in January.

May you enjoy a most wonderful Holiday season filled with joy and family and friends and most of all, beautiful music!