Road Trip to Roadhaven!

February starts us off with a road trip to Arizona. It was so much fun to travel together! We made huge plans, bought lottery tickets, drank wine and, of course, performed our most popular show “Girl Talk” for the lovely folks of Roadhaven Resort!

Our show “Girl Talk” is fully customizable, and we design it to suit our audience. This version included our “Judy Garland” and “Old Time Radio” medleys, uplifting songs like “How You Live” from Point of Grace, one of our faves “I’m A Woman” from Smokey Joes Cafe, and a whole lot more!

We just love these types of shows as they give us the chance to meet our audience. We were treated just beautifully, from help unloading and running our sound, to yummy treats and diet coke back stage…delish!

Plus, we enjoyed some lovely conversation with each other, which believe us is a treat.  Usually we have business to discuss and songs to rehearse and places to visit, but this time we had 6 hours in the car and then hotel time and uninterrupted wine and talk time. We even got locked out of the hotel in the pool area (we were enjoying the spa and talking and we lost track of time)! Luckily, the front desk guy was able to get us back in safe and sound. Just another Curvy adventure!

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