Octoberfest of Music for the Curves!

It was an amazing month of music with the Curvy girls of Dangerous Curves! We sang our curvy tushes off!

Our first jaunt of the month was all the way in China Lake for the ladies of WACOM, an wonderful organization that raises money for those in need in their area. We had to meet up at 5am (thank you Starbucks!) to be on the road to make it in time for our sound check and show. It was a total blast, with Lisa’s Dad, Wayne Rogers taking good care of our sound and getting us safely there and back. Thanks, Wayne!

Next we had a gig at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino for the ladies of JAG. What a sweet group of ladies! We had a blast and they even shared their coffee with us after the show.

We were also invited to perform at the PASNV 20th Anniversary show at one of our favorite venues, the Flamingo LIbrary Theatre. There were lots of great performers there who had performed through the years and it was wonderful to chat with everyone. Lots of great musical memories! 🙂

Maybe the most exciting for us was the debut of an acoustic version of our show. We were proud to be a part of the “Green Girl Arts and Jazz Festival” this year. Green Girl empowers and celebrates female artists from spoken word to artist to musician. They also are dedicated to highlighting awareness to the carbon footprint and supporting The Shade Tree Shelter for women and children in need. Tony Bronco, our MD and all around fabulous pianist and person, played for us and it was totally dreamy! We were at The Resort at Mt. Charleston, surrounded by mountains and trees and creatures and singing our show in an MTV unplugged style and it was pure bliss! We felt so open and free and creative and we are ready to do it again!

Now, its Christmas time for the Curves as we prepare for our show on December 5th at the Flamingo Library Theatre. We are writing, producing and performing, and we even have some special guests planned. When all is confirmed, we’ll let you know!

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