>Our East Coast gig!


The Girls were at it again with their first East Coast gig at the start of what promises to be a fabulous year!  We were the entertainment for a private party celebrating the 80th birthday of the lovely and sweet Maizie (Mae Tabor).

Lisa and I took off mid morning from Las Vegas for a fairly easy, but long couple of flights to Connecticut. We flew Continental and the service on both flights was fabulous and friendly (Gret has family there so she and her husband, Michael flew out the day before).  When we arrived, the temperature was like 2 degrees!  Literally, TWO! Wow!  However, it was kinda fun in a I-don’t-live-in-this-everyday kind of way. 🙂  
Gret and Michael picked us up and drove us to our accommodations for the next 2 days.  We knew it was a guest house……but honestly!  This was absolutely one of the loveliest places I have EVER stayed in!  To say that it was clean and gorgeous would be like saying the White House is “nice”!  And, they had a care package of wine and grapes and cheese and gluten free things and OMG!  We were, in all ways, beautifully taken care of and truly appreciated.
The gig itself was filled with emotion and really had some great moments. Our Judy Garland medley and probably Moonriver were definite audience favorites and we even did a special request song for Maizie (Let There Be Peace On Earth) and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  What a truly wonderful moment to be a part of, with so many family and friends showing their love and respect to a woman who has lived a live of goodness, taken care of her loved ones and treated friends as though they were family.  
The kind of woman we aspire to be.
The photos respectively are:  Lisa and Karen arrive in Connecticut, The Girls at the Waverly, Lisa in front of the guest house.
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