>a Sunday rehearsal-what?!

>Artist Marta Wiley “ballerina bows”
Although all three of us are true believers in the Universe and all it has to offer us, still I am amazed when something completely pertinent to one of our discussions shows up unexpectedly.  For example, I am an avid follower of a blog on word press called Miyazaki Cabaret Update: DC & Beyond. One of his recent posts happens to be on self-promotion, which I enjoyed.  However, it lead me to an older post on accepting applause and bows and wow, did it really hit home.  In one of our most recent shows, my husband commented on how we spoke over the applause and didn’t wait to accept it.  I told him it didn’t feel that way at all!  As a performer, every moment on stage can seem like an hour, especially when you are accepting applause.  Yikes!  Its tough to simply stand there with NOTHING to do and can feel very narcissistic.  His point was that, not only did the audience not hear what we were saying, (and believe me, we worked hard on those talk spots!) they were left feeling frustrated because they were not allowed to perform THEIR job…to tell us they enjoyed the performance!  Even after this valid point was heard by all, we really didn’t believe it until we viewed a piece of ourselves on video. OH. THAT.  MMMMM.    Which leads us to the title of this post.  Tomorrow, we are rehearsing for a gig in December at the Orleans.  But first, we are going to view the show together in its entirety. We are not going to judge ourselves on our singing or talking or appearance.  We are going to watch and learn and grow.  Thus, a Sunday rehearsal.

P.S. Lisa has a fantastic blog on word press-here’s the link! Lisa’s blog
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>Our CD is almost here!

>OK!  I just can’t help it!  I had to share this with you!  Isn’t it stunning!!  Lisa put this together and although the final order of songs is not yet decided, the layout is set!  We are beyond excited for the release of the very first Dangerous Curves CD!  What an undertaking that is-let me tell you!  First the recording process was fun-exciting-difficult-introspective and things I never imagined.  What an amazing learning experience as a performer.  For me, the thing I wanted most to do was make the recording feel like it was a live performance-but with the perfect, clean, clear sounds of recording. 

Now, we are working on the finalization of things-mixing and mastering and putting together the hard copy stuff-like the example above!  Lisa did such a great job on that and wait ’till you see the rest!  Its breathtaking!  I feel so lucky to be a part of this with these amazing girls!  We decided to feature ourselves a bit with some solo work and hon-est-ly!  Gret should be on Broadway with her rendition of “Children Will Listen”, and don’t listen to Lisa’s haunting version of “By The Way” while you are driving cuz the tears are gonna flow!  I was fortunate enough to do an original song written by Rob Hyatt and Jerry Jones, I hope you love it as much as I love singing it!
Gotta run friends, rehearsal tomorrow morning!
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PF Changs was the choice for the girls to have a business luncheon this time and yummy and great service it was!  A good choice for Lisa, since they have a fabulous gluten free menu.  And, of course, who doesn’t enjoy organic green tea!  We had a nice light lunch, with a major discussion on the order of songs on our first CD!  We are really getting close to its release!  This Friday was the last of the recording with Rob Hyatt, then we need to finish mixing and mastering with Chuck and then we do all the duplicating and CD artwork.  Lisa has been working on that and let me tell you it looks fabulous! Soon it will be available for purchase, probably close to the beginning of the new year!  Don’t worry, we will be doing a full scale release when it happens!  For now, we are concentrating on rehearsing for our next show, December 10th at the Orleans, adding new material (Andrews Sisters, Glen Miller Orchestra and more are on the short list) and finishing up the CD.  Whew!  Let’s go! 

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